Chemical Systems - Supplier Training 1

12 Oct,2022
08:00:00 -  17:00:00

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This training course is for learners to gain knowledge of chemical gas suppression systems - typically HFC 227ea (FM 200) and FK-5-1-12 (Novec) systems.

The course addresses the following aspects:

  • agent properties
  • system components
  • correct installation
  • commissioning
  • maintenance

Learners who complete this course will obtain detailed knowledge of how to assess, install, commission and maintain these systems.


There are certain prerequisites to maximise your success in progressing through this course - please ensure that you have completed the following before enrolling in this course:

  • Fire theory
  • Safe workshop practice
  • Pipe threading
  • Installation of high pressure piping
  • Installation and commissioning of fire detection and gas release panels

Topics Covered:

  • The agents
  • Components of a chemical agent gas systems
  • Hazards of gas systems
  • System design
  • Installation of gas systems
  • Completion procedures
  • Operating and maintaining gas systems

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