Understanding Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems (SANS 14520)

06 Sep,2022
08:00:00 -  17:00:00

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This is one of our many SAQCC-Fire Accredited training courses for individuals interested in registering as a Gaseous Fire Extinguishing and Suppression System Commissioner.

Understanding Clean Agent Gases - based on ISO 14520 / SANS 14520

This training course focuses on the ISO 14520 / SANS 14520 Standards and their particular relevance and application to the Commissioning / Servicing of Gas Suppression Systems.

The following modules are presented and assessed:

Session 1

  • The scope of SANS 14520
  • Listed extinguishing gasses
  • Uses and limitations of extinguishing gasses

Session 2

  • Hazards of gaseous extinguishing systems
  • System components
  • Distribution pipe work

Session 3

Actuation and control systems

Session 4

System design

Session 5

  • Commissioning procedure
  • Inspection, maintenance and documentation


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