COVID and Training

Do you need to attend a training course but have concerns about social distancing and sanitisation due to the COVID-19 pandemic?


Fire Systems Training have a solution for you!

We are currently running training courses as per our training schedule published on our website calendar. These courses are facilitated in the classroom environment as well as broadcast as a webinar – so whether you want to attend in-class training or attend remotely, this is possibly a solution for you to consider.

What does this all mean?

We facilitate our training courses and simultaneously broadcast a live video and audio feed thereby creating a virtual classroom environment for those who want to attend from a remote location.

Our facilitators will be present in the actual classroom facility as they work through and discuss the course material. They are also there to interact with you should you have any questions during or after the training sessions.

The assignments and assessments are conducted online thereby focusing the time spent on the learner to ensure optimum learning engagement is achieved during the training sessions.

What do you need?

  • A registered profile on our website (
  • Enrolment in the relevant course/s we are currently running.
  • A training manual whether in-class or remote learning (one will be couriered to you).
  • A reasonable Wi-Fi signal with at least a 10 MBs line with uncapped data. This may mean that you can work from your office / place of work / home – if you have a reasonably quite background that is conducive for learning.
  • A laptop / notepad / tablet / smartphone – in fact, any device that can run Zoom.
  • A willingness to:
    • participate
    • interact
    • learn

What about the COVID-19 issues and my safety?

Our practical training courses will continue to run at the various facilities:

  • We restrict the physical number of persons in the building at any one time.
  • We ensure that appropriate measures are taken for adequate sanitisation of work surfaces, tools, and equipment.
  • We provide adequate social distancing measures between yourself and other attendees.